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Hexen II is the sequel to Hexen created by Raven Software with the Quake engine. Whereas both Heretic and Heretic II are set in Parthoris and follow the same hero, Hexen II is disconnected from Hexen's world of Cronos and its heroes, being instead the last chapter in the Serpent Riders saga, set in the world of Thyrion and featuring four new heroes: an Assassin, a Crusader, a Necromancer and a Paladin.

Before fighting Eidolon, the heroes first need to defeat his generals, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who each reside in a different part of the world:

  • Famine, in the Medieval European-themed land of Blackmarsh;
  • Death, in the Mezo-American-themed land of Mazaera;
  • Pestilence, in the Ancient Egyptian-themed land of Thysis;
  • War, in the Greco-Roman-themed land of Septimus.

After all the Four General are destroyed, Eidolon himself will be found back in Blackmarsh as well.

Portal of PraevusEdit

File:Hexen II Expansion Pack Portal of Prevus.jpg
Hexen II had an expansion pack featuring a new villain: a four-armed dark wizard named Praevus, who is seeking to use the souls of the dead Serpent Riders to resurrect them as his servants. A fifth hero joins the quest to stop him, a Demoness who was a follower of Eidolon and prefers to see her former master remain dead than become somebody else's slave. The action takes place in a fifth part of Thyrion, a Chinese-Tibetan-themed continent named Tulku.