Hexen : Eternal Nightmare is very popular addon for Hexen with ZDoom\GZdoom\Skulltag source port. This addon has 1001 wad file. There are more version of that addon. Some version has 9 levels, some one level. This is a version that's has just one small level. This addon is very popular on HeXentic Games. Original addon is made -Roles-. Roles is 3D Animator and good desinger for HeXen addons on HeXentic Games.


Story says Eidolon kill his servenant Heresiach to give new live to old dead brother as is Korax and D'Sparil. The Eidolon back to life his brothers sucesfully and he want to destroy Corvus, Fighter, Cleric and Mage.


Just type "Hexen Eternal Nightmare" in Google.

HeXen : Eternal Nightmare