HX2 4H death game

Death in Full Detail.

is one of Four horsemen of Apocalypse, General of Eidolon and served to be fought as second boss in Hexen II, that appear in the Mesoamerica at end of the Level after the classes have acquired all four of the element inside the pyramid of Aztec to activated the portal of Inferno Gate. He is the Toughest of Three as his horse have capable to fly around the arena through of making harder for the players aim at, if the character choose Paladin and Crusader against him as his flame attack can take away more then 60-85% of Health in Higher Difficulties.


After the defeated of two serpent rider of D'Sparil and Korax. Eidolon the third and last of the Serpent Rider. Now Facing the dangers of his own dominion through out the World of Heretic and Hexen, believe that the world of Thyrion would never fall under his control due to the Humans have defeated two of his brothers. However, It Admited itself and proved to be defenseless as he can't contained the Continent from resistances of heroes that will liberated. So, he corrupted the Popes and Priest for helping to remove the seal to release the All Four Horsemen of Apocalypse to watch over each of the continent making them as the Leaders of those servant as it futile to opposed the great one.