Race: Sidhe Elf
Affiliation: Sidhe Elves
Appearances: Heretic, Heretic II

Corvus is the protagonist of the first game in the Heretic/Hexen series, Heretic.

Appearance Edit

In the original game, Corvus appears as a thin, mysterious cloaked figure.

In Heretic II, Corvus has a genuine elven appearance - tall, slim, albeit still somewhat muscular. He lacks the cloak he wore in the original game (probably torn to shreds after his journeys) and does not have any upper clothing.

Plot Involvement Edit

Heretic Edit

In Heretic, Corvus' people, the Sidhe Elves, are labelled as heretics against the new regime of D'Sparil. As the armies of the seven kingdoms of Parthoris threaten to destroy everyone, the Elder Council extinguishes the seven ceremonial candles representing the seven nations - destroying the armies.

D'Sparil is enraged and opens up a rift to another world, where he brings forth legions of demons and begins a campaign of genocide against the Sidhe.

Few survive the attack - those who do go into hiding. Corvus however, in a blind act of vengeance, sets out to destroy the Serpent Rider and avenge his people. In the end, he triumphs - destroying D'Sparil and in turn ridding Parthoris of his armies. However, as he steps through a portal hoping to return home, he is instead cursed by D'Sparil and transported to the Outer Worlds - desolate and hellish realms existing outside our own.

The Outer Worlds Edit

Corvus spends an unknown period of time wandering these wastelands, fighting through droves of enemies, desparately trying to find a way home.

Heretic II Edit

By the time of Heretic II, Corvus apparently finds a way back home. The kingdoms have rebuilt themselves and his people prosper again, but all is not well as a new evil threatens Parthoris.